Your wedding should be about what you want!
15 Mar 2016

Isn’t My Wedding Suppose to be about Me?

Your wedding should be about what you want!

Your wedding should be about what you want!

He proposed, both families were happy so it was thought, the bride was floating on cloud nine. The moment finally arrived, the moment she had been planning since she was a child but then she was suddenly awakening from the dream with a dose of reality.

Everyone had an opinion, everyone had “good” advice, everyone wanted something, everyone just knew that their wedding should be planned their way.

So many couples have come to Unforgettably Yours with different family backgrounds but with the same story. We want to make everyone happy, family members are mad and upset because we aren’t getting married where they thought, we aren’t saying the vows or following the family traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Many Brides has been at the end of their rope, wanting their dream and not have her mom live through her wedding.

Unforgettably Yours can help! We suggest couples follow a few simple steps to get their joy back in planning their wedding. Reuniting the family and getting everyone back to celebrating the couple wedding with the couple in mind.

How does that sound? Music to your ears, well read on to find out how to make it your reality now.

First, the couple has to decide for themselves what it is that THEY want. If it helps to write it down to set it in stone after the agreement is made, then do that.

Next, be rest assured you have a team already in each other. This is the beginning of a new life together, go in united!

Get the everyone together either separately or as a group, and set ALL of your boundaries. Inform of the plan the two of you have decided going forward it is going to be. Hire an event planner to be the buffer between the couple and the family, to help keep you focus on your goals and remind you at the end of the day, it is YOUR wedding so when you look back it will be your vision you will see and you will actually feel a happy ending to your wedding planning experience. Good Luck!!

RoDonna Brewster

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