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15 Mar 2016

Four Unique Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Choosing a wedding bouquet can be a headache, especially for a bride who has no idea where to even start when it comes to wedding flowers. You could end up with a beautiful mix of fresh flowers that compliment your wedding perfectly, or you could end up with a tacky bouquet that take your wedding from gorgeous to “hot mess”. Traditionally the bride’s wedding bouquet is a beautiful flower presentation that compliments the wedding theme.

Although traditional bouquets can be nice, there are other options of bouquets for the bride that wants her wedding to be less traditional and more unforgettably unique. Non-traditional wedding bouquets can show a bride’s personality, make a wedding stand out, and even be a fun “DIY” project to save the bride a few dollars. Here are a few ideas that will make your bouquet unique

The Paper BouquetPaper Bouquet
This beautiful bouquet is perfect for a spring or summer wedding. The bouquet is made from paper which can come from either pages in your favorite book, letters written between you and your fiancee, or even origami paper! This will also ensure that your bouquet will last much longer than perishable flowers.



The Broach Bouquet

Broach Bouquet

These bouquets can bring a special element to your wedding. Family broaches, pictures, and heirlooms can be used in creating this special bouquet. Another idea is to ask everyone to bring a broach to your bridal shower and use those broaches to make your bouquet. Either way, this bouquet will show your creativity and be a keepsake that is close to your heart.

Fruit Bouquet



The Fruit Bouquet

This twist on a traditional flower bouquet adds texture and color, and is perfect for the bride that is looking for a more whimsical wedding. You can choose whether or not you want your bouquet to be edible, and if so it could make a nice treat for you and your husband after the reception.



Feather Bouquet

The Feather Bouquet
The feather bouquet can be used by the super chic bride. Take your wedding colors, or colors that will accent your wedding, and put those feathers together to create a bouquet that shows off your style. Rhinestones, glitter, flowers, and other accents can be used to make your bouquet truly unique.



Your wedding bouquet can be a testament to your personal style, love story, or even personality. With this addition to your wedding, you will be sure to stand out as a bride, and create a lasting memory for you, as well as your guests!


RoDonna Brewster

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