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A Work of Art


Sarah and Julian Mapp

Sarah and Julian Mapp

On Saturday, May 16, 2009, Sarah & Julian began their voyage together, by making a commitment to one another in the sight of God, their family, and friends. To make sure everything ran smoothly for the couple, Unforgettably Yours Event Planning Service was elated to coordinate their wedding.

To begin the day, Sarah and Julian agreed to take a modernized approach by doing their wedding photos before their wedding. Their first stop was downtown, in the heart of Lancaster City. Regina Martin, from Radiant Images Photography, used the setting to showcase that beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. The elements of history and contemporary, only enhanced the true love that elevated from Sarah and Julian. Even as, the pictures in front of the theater illustrated the nightlife of the city, the cobblestone walk way confirmed the historical trend of the past.

Next they were off to a local farm near the church. Sarah and Julian, utilized the land by taking pictures with various backdrops; large ceremonial tents, open fields of grass, gardens of beautiful fresh flowers and rustic barns. The Best Man , 2 Groomsmen and handsome young Ring-bearer looked distinguished in their sharp black tuxedos and red ties; while the Maid of Honor and 2 bridesmaids complemented them in their red dresses. The flower girl, looked adorable in her off-white dress.

With minutes to spare, Unforgettably Yours, promptly started the wedding at 4pm. A beautiful service took place at Salem United Church of Christ, in Lancaster Pa. To make the day even more special, Sarah’s father took on two very important roles. He not only took the emotional walk down the aisle to commence Sarah on her next journey, but he also participated with the ceremony, by officiating their wedding vows. After the ceremony, the 125 guests participated in a lovely bubble exit. Thousands of bubbles surrounded the couple, encircling their love for one another.

Following the lovely ceremony, the bridal party and guests retreated to celebrate Sarah and Julian’s reunion, at The Mulberry Arts Studios. Guests were able to re-acquaint themselves in the Louise Gallery, during an hour long cocktail service, catered by Platinum Catering. Upon completion of the cocktail hour, the guests were escorted upstairs to the North Gallery. The buffet style dinner was even more alluring, accompanied by the most mesmerizing decor. The detailed drapery, hardwood floors, and brick walls made the room not only “posh and cool,” but memorable as well.

After dinner, the couple made the night even more unforgettable by performing a choreographed dance routine, dancing to Monica’s “Angel of Mine.” Julian captivated his guests, when he effortlessly lifted Sarah on to his shoulders, spinning her around in mid-air. Such a breathtaking scene almost made the dance seem dreamlike. Family and friends were spellbound by the love radiating from the two.

The remainder of the evening was filled with fun, laughter, and love. The guests had a great time and most importantly, the bride and groom were happy that Unforgettably Yours Events was there to bring their vision to fruition!
Unforgettably Yours Event Planning Service
“Every event is more than a memorable moment, it is Unforgettably Yours!”

A Whole New Way to Save The Date

Everyone has received the standard save-the-date postcard in the mail. Many brides choose to make their save-the-date unique by personalizing the postcard with different themes, colors, and pictures, but at the end of the day, it’s still a postcard. However, there are more creative ways to send your guests a save-the-date than postcards. Here are a few ideas that can take your save-the-dates from conventional to uniquely memorable.

1. Photo-Strip Bookmarks

Photo Booth Save the Date

For the more photogenic couple, give your guests a save-the-date they can use even after the wedding! Super easy to create, and do not require a photo booth.





2. Luggage Tags

Luggage Tag Save the Date

A perfect save-the-date for destination weddings! This save-the-date will be the first impression your guests have of your wedding, so wow them with a luggage tag




3. Balloons

Balloon Save the Date

This is a clever and interactive way to invite your wedding guests! Pre-print your wedding information on the balloon and instruct the guests to inflate the balloon once they receive it in the mail.






4. Scratch-Off’s

Scratch off Save the Date

If you want to opt for the postcard save-the-date, give your guests a more interactive save-the-date. Simple and cost effective.






5. You-Tube Video

Youtube Video Save the Date

Try filming a You-Tube video and sending your save-the-date in an email. This can be cost effective and creative!




Whatever your taste, theme, or budget, every bride can set the tone for what is to come with a unique save-the-date.

Four Unique Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Choosing a wedding bouquet can be a headache, especially for a bride who has no idea where to even start when it comes to wedding flowers. You could end up with a beautiful mix of fresh flowers that compliment your wedding perfectly, or you could end up with a tacky bouquet that take your wedding from gorgeous to “hot mess”. Traditionally the bride’s wedding bouquet is a beautiful flower presentation that compliments the wedding theme.

Although traditional bouquets can be nice, there are other options of bouquets for the bride that wants her wedding to be less traditional and more unforgettably unique. Non-traditional wedding bouquets can show a bride’s personality, make a wedding stand out, and even be a fun “DIY” project to save the bride a few dollars. Here are a few ideas that will make your bouquet unique

The Paper BouquetPaper Bouquet
This beautiful bouquet is perfect for a spring or summer wedding. The bouquet is made from paper which can come from either pages in your favorite book, letters written between you and your fiancee, or even origami paper! This will also ensure that your bouquet will last much longer than perishable flowers.



The Broach Bouquet

Broach Bouquet

These bouquets can bring a special element to your wedding. Family broaches, pictures, and heirlooms can be used in creating this special bouquet. Another idea is to ask everyone to bring a broach to your bridal shower and use those broaches to make your bouquet. Either way, this bouquet will show your creativity and be a keepsake that is close to your heart.

Fruit Bouquet



The Fruit Bouquet

This twist on a traditional flower bouquet adds texture and color, and is perfect for the bride that is looking for a more whimsical wedding. You can choose whether or not you want your bouquet to be edible, and if so it could make a nice treat for you and your husband after the reception.



Feather Bouquet

The Feather Bouquet
The feather bouquet can be used by the super chic bride. Take your wedding colors, or colors that will accent your wedding, and put those feathers together to create a bouquet that shows off your style. Rhinestones, glitter, flowers, and other accents can be used to make your bouquet truly unique.



Your wedding bouquet can be a testament to your personal style, love story, or even personality. With this addition to your wedding, you will be sure to stand out as a bride, and create a lasting memory for you, as well as your guests!